What is a detox?

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Here and there, I will have a friend or two that will dare insult me by questioning me as to why the fuck do I even go through detox since I’m skin-and-bones. The truth is, a detox doesn’t entirely mean it’s only for weight loss. Too much sugar or an incorrect diet can disturb the body from doing its normal job. This includes digesting well, having good blood circulation, acne problems, etc. The correct thing to do in a situation like this is to clean the lymphatic system to balance the pH levels again; make the body alkaline. This is called, detox.

When the body is going through detox, it flushes out toxins that were in the body causing people to feel uneasy. It is also vital to remember that when people are doing a detox to not eat or drink anything with sugar. Setting goals is a great way to make a detox easier on people, like telling themselves that once they are done with detox, they can have something sweet they favor. Having a good diet when doing a detox is vital. Eating plenty of vegetables is a correct way of having a good diet.

Sometimes, people wake up feeling like they’re about to get sick. Other times, they wake up sick. A night out full of heavy drinking will probably cause a major disrupt in the lymphatic system. The liver and kidney are also connected to this, which means they need to be cleaned in order to operate well. But, that’s not always why the system tends to crash. I often see/hear friends having trouble with the recurring flu and/or allergy problems.

Spring is usually allergy season, but not for everyone. Other people may have allergies year-round, which is another very troubled problem. That means the body is very acidic. When that happens, the body is basically giving off a red alarm that it is in dire need of a body detox. The body sometimes carries toxins that make it difficult to do its proper job, resulting in sickness/allergies.

A good detox can also help clear skin up by getting rid of acne. Basically, great for good skin. The benefits are almost endless: Boosts of energy, weight loss, anti-aging, etc. Some websites even say healthier hair is an outcome like this one: bembu.com. It only makes sense that good results will come out since the body is getting rid of toxins for a better immune system. There are many ways to detox the body and most include drinks that are very enjoyable to consume. Stick with me, and I’ll write all about them.


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