Swallowing garlic

garlic-5  Swallowing garlic sounds weird. It’s okay, I used to think the same. This is also because most people aren’t aware of garlic being a medicinal herb. Heck, even the Egyptians and Greeks were very fond of garlic. Once I gave it a try, I watched the benefits work within minutes. I finally decided to tell other people all about it. I’ll be honest, this is my first year skipping the flu during the winter season. I think I discovered the secret!

Garlic is often known as a cooking herb, and it is mostly ignored for also being a medicinal herb. Here’s a secret, sometimes garlic works better than antibiotics. Who would have known? Garlic can help keep both the immune system and the heart pretty content. Not only that, but researchers discovered garlic was used by the Egyptians and Greeks. For what? Well, some of them used them to stay strong in labor jobs, others used it for olympics. The truth is, they were right that garlic would help them be healthier, just not stronger.

My mother once explained to me how swallowing garlic could help my immune system. Plus, the benefits were endless. I finally decided to try it out last month. Within the first day, I felt more alert and healthier. I’ve also managed to escape the horrible flu this season, so far. About three weeks ago, my boyfriend had the beginning symptoms of the oncoming flu. You know, sore throat, migraines, runny nose. I had him swallow garlic for 3 days straight on top of detoxing. That means no sugar for a couple of days. It was completely gone within 2 days. He’s still flu-free and always tells me how much garlic makes a difference with his day.

Where can I find it?: Finding garlic is actually very easy. The problem is picking the right garlic head/bulb. Always ask someone that works at a grocery store if you don’t know how to tell if a fruit/vegetable is fresh instead of guessing. Guessing leads to money being wasted.

  • Garlic clove (1-2)

How to use: So, there are two different ways on how to swallow garlic. One, grab a clove or two from a garlic head, peel it, chop it into tiny little pieces, then chase it with water. Yes, you can chase it with orange juice if you want to disguise the taste. Two, grab a clove or two from a garlic head, peel it, put it into a bowl, add a tiny bit of water until it turns into a paste. Then, add lemon or lime with honey and quickly swallow it.

Tips: Garlic pills are ideal, except they take a bit more time to work. That’s not very ideal when you need immediate help on fighting the flu. Take 2 days to watch the difference. One day take a garlic pill, the next just the chopped garlic clove. Fresh chopped garlic gives a much bigger boost to work immediately. The fresher the food, the faster it works with your body. Swallowing garlic might be a bit weird at first because it has a bit of spice when chopped. What I like to do to not taste the spiciness of the garlic, I take a sip of water, then put the garlic in my mouth, and finally swallow it all. It goes down way easier like that.

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Garlic has a ton of vitamins, is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.

Other benefits to swallowing garlic include better skin, less acne, and healthier hair.

Garlic is also used for women who suffer from yeast infections.

Others use it to help treat or better their hyperthyroidism.

People also use garlic to prevent most types of cancer.

Garlic is basically amazing for a healthy heart.



  • If pregnant, it’s best to stick to just cooking with garlic.
  • For children, it’s best to ask a doctor how much is appropriate.
  • Garlic should be avoided if you have low blood pressure
  • People should also avoid this method after surgery for 2 weeks, bleeding disorders, and digestion problems(irritable or gassy).

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