Swallowing garlic

garlic-5  Swallowing garlic sounds weird. It’s okay, I used to think the same. This is also because most people aren’t aware of garlic being a medicinal herb. Heck, even the Egyptians and Greeks were very fond of garlic. Once I gave it a try, I watched the benefits work within minutes. I finally decided to tell other people all about it. I’ll be honest, this is my first year skipping the flu during the winter season. I think I discovered the secret!

Garlic is often known as a cooking herb, and it is mostly ignored for also being a medicinal herb. Here’s a secret, sometimes garlic works better than antibiotics. Who would have known? Garlic can help keep both the immune system and the heart pretty content. Not only that, but researchers discovered garlic was used by the Egyptians and Greeks. For what? Well, some of them used them to stay strong in labor jobs, others used it for olympics. The truth is, they were right that garlic would help them be healthier, just not stronger.

My mother once explained to me how swallowing garlic could help my immune system. Plus, the benefits were endless. I finally decided to try it out last month. Within the first day, I felt more alert and healthier. I’ve also managed to escape the horrible flu this season, so far. About three weeks ago, my boyfriend had the beginning symptoms of the oncoming flu. You know, sore throat, migraines, runny nose. I had him swallow garlic for 3 days straight on top of detoxing. That means no sugar for a couple of days. It was completely gone within 2 days. He’s still flu-free and always tells me how much garlic makes a difference with his day.

Where can I find it?: Finding garlic is actually very easy. The problem is picking the right garlic head/bulb. Always ask someone that works at a grocery store if you don’t know how to tell if a fruit/vegetable is fresh instead of guessing. Guessing leads to money being wasted.

  • Garlic clove (1-2)

How to use: So, there are two different ways on how to swallow garlic. One, grab a clove or two from a garlic head, peel it, chop it into tiny little pieces, then chase it with water. Yes, you can chase it with orange juice if you want to disguise the taste. Two, grab a clove or two from a garlic head, peel it, put it into a bowl, add a tiny bit of water until it turns into a paste. Then, add lemon or lime with honey and quickly swallow it.

Tips: Garlic pills are ideal, except they take a bit more time to work. That’s not very ideal when you need immediate help on fighting the flu. Take 2 days to watch the difference. One day take a garlic pill, the next just the chopped garlic clove. Fresh chopped garlic gives a much bigger boost to work immediately. The fresher the food, the faster it works with your body. Swallowing garlic might be a bit weird at first because it has a bit of spice when chopped. What I like to do to not taste the spiciness of the garlic, I take a sip of water, then put the garlic in my mouth, and finally swallow it all. It goes down way easier like that.

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Garlic has a ton of vitamins, is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.

Other benefits to swallowing garlic include better skin, less acne, and healthier hair.

Garlic is also used for women who suffer from yeast infections.

Others use it to help treat or better their hyperthyroidism.

People also use garlic to prevent most types of cancer.

Garlic is basically amazing for a healthy heart.



  • If pregnant, it’s best to stick to just cooking with garlic.
  • For children, it’s best to ask a doctor how much is appropriate.
  • Garlic should be avoided if you have low blood pressure
  • People should also avoid this method after surgery for 2 weeks, bleeding disorders, and digestion problems(irritable or gassy).

Yummy detox & infused water

Photographed by Madison Jones



Photographed by Madison Jones Cucumbers, mint, lemon, and lime

Here’s the thing, there’s a good chance most people already have an idea of what I’m about to talk about. This is true if anyone has ever owned a Pinterest or a Tumblr. It is likely, for anyone with an Instagram to  have seen someone else post an aesthetic picture of their herb and fruit infused water. Cool. I am now giving you the opportunity to become that person if you want to. Do whatever pleases you, it’s your life, you know? This post is for people who want to detox, look good, and/or don’t really like drinking plain water. Since drinking water is important, might as well make it enjoyable to drink throughout the day, right? Not all herb and fruit infused drinks work as strong as the others when it comes to detoxing. The way I see it is, some are more for detox, the others are to keep you looking goooood. Heyyyy.

Here’s the thing, water is fucking good for you. Water really helps people flush out toxins. You know, the stuff that makes you feel uneasy(not healthy). Other benefits from drinking infused water include helping people maintain a positive mood, help the body to destroy fat, and aids the digestive system. If it makes any of you non-water drinkers feel better, there’s plenty of you who need a support group for drinking water. There is actual science behind the reason as to why your body needs water. Don’t forget the fact that the human body is basically made up of like… I don’t know… like 65% of water. Enough water in the system also equals better skin and less acne. So, if you don’t like plain water, add things that will make it much enjoyable to drink. Problem solved.

Once I began detoxing, I got so bored with my food and drinks, all I could think about was quitting. Sure enough, I talked to my holistic doctor and did my own research on the side. Eventually, I actually started enjoying my detox. Not only that, I saw the improvement it made on my skin and overall health. Plus, it was so refreshing that I could enjoy drinking water on top of cleaning my system.


Photographed by Madison Jones Strawberries, cucumbers, mint, lemon, and lime

Tips on buying: So, herbs and fruits, let’s talk about them. Below I typed a list, but please keep reading before looking at that list. Only use fruits that are in season. Why? This is because fruits that are out of season tend to be pricier. But, the most important part, out of season usually means it’s not organic. Organic is best. Trust me! Ever tried small organic strawberries vs big booty fake ass Kim Kardashian strawberries? Um, no thanks. Close your eyes and really listen to you taste buds. They deserve the best of the best in this ugly world. Treat them with respect and they’ll show you how to fall in love with the right food. If you don’t believe me, I double dare you to go out and try it.

Below is a list of detox waters. Next to them I put why people use them the most for, but can be used even if that’s not the purpose. Basically, the strongest detox drinks are anything that have cucumbers, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or apple involved. 

List of detox infused water drinks:

  • Lime + Lemon + Mint + Cucumbers (Candida/Yeast Infections)
  • Strawberries + Mint + Lime + Lemon + Cucumbers (Stress control)
  • Watermelon + Mint (Cleans digestive system)
  • Grapefruit + Rosemary (Candida/Yeast Infections)
  • Grapefruit + Lime + Lemon + Mint + Cucumber (Body cleanse)
  • Strawberries + Lemon + Apple +Mint + Cinnamon sticks (Craving control)
  • Pears + Grapefruit + Cucumbers + Mint + Lime + Lemon + Cranberry (Body cleanse)
  • Lavender + Apple (Cleans digestive system/Relaxes)
  • Apple + Cinnamon Sticks + Dash of Ginger (Craving control/Cleans digestive system)

List of fruits & herbs infused water drinks:

  • Kiwi + Blueberry + Mint
  • Blood orange + Mint
  • Orange + Cucumber + Mint
  • Blackberry + Sage
  • Blueberry + Lavender + Mint
  • Mango + Berries + Lemon
  • Blueberry + Lime + Cilantro
  • Raspberry + Rose Petals
  • Pineapple + Mint + Ginger
  • Grape + Lemon + Parsley
  • Orange + Cinnamon + Ginger
  • Peach + Sage
  • Honeydew + Basil
  • Peach + Chamomile
  • Peach + Lavender
  • Ginger + Pear + Cinnamon + Vanilla bean
  • Cucumber + Strawberry + Thyme

Here’s another website with more recipes: Click here.

How to use: So, here’s what’s so cool about these instructions. There are none! Use as much of anything or use less of this and that. The more there is of anything specific, the more flavor. Subtracting and adding is totally up to you. But, when it comes to lemon, lime, grapefruit or anything on the acidic side I always use less. It all really depends on how much you are making. I prefer using mason jars to brew, then transfer it to whatever if I’m on the go. It’s really easy to prepare, just grab fruits and herbs of choice, put them inside the container, use filtered water, and stick it in the refrigerator overnight.

Tips: I’ll tell you a secret, there’s like a million different combinations of fruits and herbs infused detox drinks out there. Never be afraid to experiment on your own as long as you know there’s a balance of tastes going on. Any fruit that can be thought of can be used. There is no fail, but if the water is too acidic for you, just add more water. Before I put my infused water in the refrigerator, I like to leave it out in a sunny area for 2-3 hours so the sun can naturally brew it. After that, I just stick it in the refrigerator from about 4 hours to overnight. So refreshing to drink when it’s cold. Yes, you can add honey as a sweetener, but only to the non-detox drinks. Some people like to use coconut water or sparkling water. As for using lavender or similar messy ingredients, just use a coffee filter and yarn to wrap it up inside.

For sparkling water: Sparkling water is a bit tricky because the sparkling water only last for at least a day. So, there are two ways to doing this. One, put the fruits and herbs to brew for 3 hours. Bam, it’s ready. Or two, put the fruits and herbs in the container, add a little bit of water. Then brew. After the water has brewed overnight, add as much sparkling water as you want the next day. This way the water soaks up all of the nutrients from the fruits and herbs.

Skip the flu & Clean your system

   About 3 years ago, I found out about a drink that works magic on avoiding/getting rid of the flu. It is surprising how fast this drink works. At first, it may feel like an oncoming fever after it is consumed, but that’s just the body doing its work. Take a nap, It’ll help. When people sleep, the body works harder at fighting off infections, with the right help of course. People don’t have to nap/sleep, sometimes it works okay without it. There’ve been days when I’ve woken up with the oncoming flu, made this drink, and felt better after a nap. When I do get sick, I drink this all day for two straight days. By the 2nd or 3rd day, I feel better again. It even works for bad digestion, for those that haven’t gone number 2 all day or in days.

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Honey (Local is preferred)
  • Lemon/Lime (both can be used too)
  • Filtered Water (never cold)
  • Ginger (Optional)

How to use: I prefer grabbing a filtered water bottle and dumping it into a big cup. (Be sure to only use room temperature water because it works better with your body.) Afterwards, I grab a lime or lemon and squeeze it into the cup. I add as much honey as I want. Finally, with my fingers I sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper into my cup and stir. Be careful, too much pepper will make the drink spicy and difficult to drink. Sometimes I even add a dice of ginger. In all honesty, it tastes like lemonade with a pinch of spice. Not at all difficult to drink.

Tips: Anyone except babies (literally), can drink this preferably in the morning and throughout the day. It is best to always drink filtered water since the body is going to go through detox and needs all the nutrients it can get. Be sure that the only thing you’re drinking is the detox drink and water when doing so. There is no limit on how many of these, one should drink since this drink will alkaline the body. So yes, it’s completely healthy.

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Cayenne pepper has anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-allergen properties and many more benefits.

Honey is another anti-bacterial miracle from mother nature. Local honey is a better option because it can help stop allergies or lower them.

Lemon works as a natural antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Lime works as a natural antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Ginger works as a natural helps pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and nausea reliever.

What is a detox?

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Here and there, I will have a friend or two that will dare insult me by questioning me as to why the fuck do I even go through detox since I’m skin-and-bones. The truth is, a detox doesn’t entirely mean it’s only for weight loss. Too much sugar or an incorrect diet can disturb the body from doing its normal job. This includes digesting well, having good blood circulation, acne problems, etc. The correct thing to do in a situation like this is to clean the lymphatic system to balance the pH levels again; make the body alkaline. This is called, detox.

When the body is going through detox, it flushes out toxins that were in the body causing people to feel uneasy. It is also vital to remember that when people are doing a detox to not eat or drink anything with sugar. Setting goals is a great way to make a detox easier on people, like telling themselves that once they are done with detox, they can have something sweet they favor. Having a good diet when doing a detox is vital. Eating plenty of vegetables is a correct way of having a good diet.

Sometimes, people wake up feeling like they’re about to get sick. Other times, they wake up sick. A night out full of heavy drinking will probably cause a major disrupt in the lymphatic system. The liver and kidney are also connected to this, which means they need to be cleaned in order to operate well. But, that’s not always why the system tends to crash. I often see/hear friends having trouble with the recurring flu and/or allergy problems.

Spring is usually allergy season, but not for everyone. Other people may have allergies year-round, which is another very troubled problem. That means the body is very acidic. When that happens, the body is basically giving off a red alarm that it is in dire need of a body detox. The body sometimes carries toxins that make it difficult to do its proper job, resulting in sickness/allergies.

A good detox can also help clear skin up by getting rid of acne. Basically, great for good skin. The benefits are almost endless: Boosts of energy, weight loss, anti-aging, etc. Some websites even say healthier hair is an outcome like this one: bembu.com. It only makes sense that good results will come out since the body is getting rid of toxins for a better immune system. There are many ways to detox the body and most include drinks that are very enjoyable to consume. Stick with me, and I’ll write all about them.