What is a detox?

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Here and there, I will have a friend or two that will dare insult me by questioning me as to why the fuck do I even go through detox since I’m skin-and-bones. The truth is, a detox doesn’t entirely mean it’s only for weight loss. Too much sugar or an incorrect diet can disturb the body from doing its normal job. This includes digesting well, having good blood circulation, acne problems, etc. The correct thing to do in a situation like this is to clean the lymphatic system to balance the pH levels again; make the body alkaline. This is called, detox.

When the body is going through detox, it flushes out toxins that were in the body causing people to feel uneasy. It is also vital to remember that when people are doing a detox to not eat or drink anything with sugar. Setting goals is a great way to make a detox easier on people, like telling themselves that once they are done with detox, they can have something sweet they favor. Having a good diet when doing a detox is vital. Eating plenty of vegetables is a correct way of having a good diet.

Sometimes, people wake up feeling like they’re about to get sick. Other times, they wake up sick. A night out full of heavy drinking will probably cause a major disrupt in the lymphatic system. The liver and kidney are also connected to this, which means they need to be cleaned in order to operate well. But, that’s not always why the system tends to crash. I often see/hear friends having trouble with the recurring flu and/or allergy problems.

Spring is usually allergy season, but not for everyone. Other people may have allergies year-round, which is another very troubled problem. That means the body is very acidic. When that happens, the body is basically giving off a red alarm that it is in dire need of a body detox. The body sometimes carries toxins that make it difficult to do its proper job, resulting in sickness/allergies.

A good detox can also help clear skin up by getting rid of acne. Basically, great for good skin. The benefits are almost endless: Boosts of energy, weight loss, anti-aging, etc. Some websites even say healthier hair is an outcome like this one: bembu.com. It only makes sense that good results will come out since the body is getting rid of toxins for a better immune system. There are many ways to detox the body and most include drinks that are very enjoyable to consume. Stick with me, and I’ll write all about them.



Latrodectus means black widow in latin. Spiders are very powerful spiritual animals. People fear spiders because they possess very powerful energy. Instead, they should be admired. Especially, by women because they represent feminine power. Under observation, spiders can teach anyone how to become confident-powerful. That is why I chose that name.

Before anything else, common sense and a logical mind should be used when reading my blog. My posts are written a specific way to not lose or bore my audience. I am not responsible for any misleading information. People love pointing fingers at others instead of owning up to their own mistakes, don’t do that with me. I will do my best to link my information to other health websites if I don’t provide enough information in any of my posts about a specific subject. This blog is only for people who are willing to try out different methods because the last trip to the doctor failed or was misleading. It’s always best for someone to do their own research to figure out what it is that will work out for them. Be aware and educate yourself. Good luck.

Holistic medicine is a wonderful alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Holistic medicine refers to natural medicine and/or spiritual healing. It won’t just save you money, but it may also save you a trip to the doctors. Keep in mind, that isn’t for all cases of course. People need to remember that it is beneficial to test out both methods to see which work better for them. I grew up relying more on herbs than the normal trip to the doctor. So yes, I myself trust holistic medicine better than pharmaceutical drugs. The topics I will cover are recipes and tips on beauty/health that I grew up with at home, and have also studied. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to comment on any of my posts here or ask me on tumblr. My tumblr link is in my about me.

Throughout most of my life, I’ve been very insecure about my appearance and health. That statement makes no sense to people who already know me because they think that I’m a bit more than decent looking. So, even with acne, scars, and drawn on eyebrows while being “too skinny” people still thought I was “very pretty”. Interesting. Look, I’m not hot, but I know I’m not ugly, okay?

Most people wouldn’t bother asking me why I thought of myself so negatively if they asked me about my thoughts towards my own appearance. Usually, they roll their eyes at me profoundly before saying, “shut-up”, because I’m an alright looking person. Why the fuck would someone ask me something like that in the first place then? People just shouldn’t ask questions like that, period.

As a teenager, all my mother would warn me about was probably to not pick at my skin. Here and there, she’d remind me to drink herbal drinks to help me from breaking out as much. Unfortunately, she wasn’t very pushy on making me wash my face and all of that jazz. If only she would have been strict with me about different things… Finally, when it was too late (or so I thought) I began staring into my mirror with strong remorse. Like, “How dare you, Thalia? Why would you disrespect your own skin like that? Put on a freaking paper bag over your face and call it a day.”

Pretty sure people reading this are rolling their eyes intensely by now. Especially, if they know me. The truth is, most people will go through this. No one wants to talk about it, because why would anyone go there? Most people are very far from accepting themselves as they are. Even for the few who have mastered learning how to overlook their insecurities to give off a confident glow, it’s mostly just an act.

That stuff is locked up for later when they’re all alone at home in front of a mirror. So yes, that’s why I act “cocky” and confident; because it helps me overlook my flaws. Brilliant, I know. Enough of that, the whole point is that I’ve been through this, what most people suffer on a daily basis. Even when mastering confidence, there’s still that darkness that keeps someone from achieving total-and-complete confidence. Especially, if it’s linked to health.

Growing up, I’ve suffered from on-and-off anemia. I’m talking, can’t get out of my bed, bad depression, my heart feels heavy, type of anemia. My legs, arms, and feet feel like they have Ants sometimes from falling asleep due to horrible blood-flow. And, that’s the reason as to why I barely had any eyebrow hair, okay? Wow, everyone’s wearing tank tops and I’m wearing a sweater because I’m cold as fuck. If I didn’t watch how and what I ate, I’d seriously feel like someone drained 90% of my energy. It doesn’t help that it’s been a huge reason on why it’s been so hard for me to gain weight. Another flaw.

So, there is such a thing as blaming health conditions. Eh, kind of. Stay with me for a little bit more. So yes, being skinny does not mean a person is always healthy. Health has to do with how a person eats and exercises. I don’t care what a person’s weight is, but if a person does their best to eat a balanced meal and put in a few exercises a day, that’s being healthy. That doesn’t mean people have to sacrifice certain foods, it just means people need to learn how to be more strict with themselves. And with that said, I’ve finally learned that with the right meal plan and correct mixture of herbal drinks, they’ll help keep me from falling apart. This means I can probably help most people not fall apart with whatever health conditions they may have.

No, I’m not going to go on and talk about how sugar is an enemy, either. Alcohol is sugar too, believe it or not. It’s definitely a no-no, but who cares because beer and wine are awesome. I don’t care if we’re best friends, I don’t feel like going out of my way to hang out sometimes, unless if it’s an emergency. Oh! There’s good quality beer, liquor, and wine? Okay, fine. I will be there. I will show up. And just like that, most people will agree that giving up sugar is not on their list… for like ever. I can go on about how it will help you live better later in life if people take sugar out of their life, but most don’t care to know. Not even me!

So, herbal drinks aren’t just for witches. It doesn’t stop there. Eating herbs and preparing the right meal plan can help a person overcome many obstacles. Other than that, I’ve learned a new way to stop spending money on acne products. Finally, now I listen to my mom about natural ways to help me be as beautiful as I’ve imagined I could be. Mirror, I think I like you now. Feels a lot more like a stress-free beauty life.

What did I do that brought me more relaxation than ever in my life other than yoga? A routine. A mixture of oils that I put on my face before bed and when I wake up. Witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, aspirin, and oil pulling. So witches are real and one of them is named Hazel? Apple cider tastes good, but apple cider vinegar? That stuff smells. Pain-relievers, don’t put those in your mouth. What? Why not? Oil pulling, the first thing I do when I wake up. What the fuck is oil pulling? Stay tuned.